Oct 5, 2017

Androcide by Erec Stebbins

Androcide by Erec Stebbins

Androcide (INTEL 1 #5)
by Erec Stebbins ePUB

Gender has never been so deadly. Investigators in New York link a series of gruesome murders to the Eunuch Maker, a serial killer targeting men. Piecing together the clues, they enter into a deadly game of survival with stakes that escalate beyond what anyone could have imagined.
“Integrating police procedural, Holmesian puzzle-solving, bio-thriller, and political commentary, Androcide’s style and substance will prove irresistible for readers.” -The BookLife Prize
“Diverse, well-developed characters and an intricate, engaging story” -RT Reviews
“Riveting, relentlessly paced” -Internet Review of Books
“Chilling addition to his INTEL 1 series…fascinating and magnetic” -Tome Tender

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