Sep 29, 2017

Ask No Question by Mary Hocking

Ask No Question by Mary Hocking

The Alpine tunnel was closed, so the two men ignored their orders and headed for the St. Bernard Pass which took them into Italy…Later, they learned that if they had obeyed orders, they would have been ambushed.

They were Stephen Mitchell and Dan Burke, British Agents assigned to keep an eye on a scientist suspected of intentions to defect.

But in the obscure way of bureaucracy, the men selected for this purpose had little in common with one another. In fact, in the appalling heat encountered along with their unwary quarry at Lake Maggiore, their differences begin to flare into open hostility.

And then Miriam appeared, whether irrelevantly or by design, who could tell? The fact remained that Mitchell had known her in Berlin. She began to dog him, implacably, about a problem of her own: namely, how to get her husband out of prison in East Germany.

Drawn to her in a way inexplicable even to himself, Mitchell becomes ever more deeply involved in Miriam’s dilemma until the idea takes root that there is a way to help.

The trouble is, the method entails betraying everything for which he stands….

An engrossing spy novel, Ask No Question is surely one with a difference. For Mary Hocking’s essential preoccupation is with character and spiritual dilemma–unusual but plus tributes in the genre of espionage stories and in this case, no obstacle to pace.

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