May 9, 2017

Bourbon by Fred Minnick

Bourbon: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an American Whiskey
by Fred Minnick

Once and for all, America learns the likely inventor of its beloved bourbon.

Bourbon is not just alcohol, this amber-colored drink is deeply ingrained in American culture and tangled in American history.

From the early days of raw corn liquor to the myriad distilleries that have proliferated around the country today, bourbon has come to symbolize America.

Award-winning author Fred Minnick traces bourbon’s entire history, from the 1700s with settlers making distilled spirits in the New World through today’s booming resurgence.

He studies the men who’ve been championed as its inventors over time and, based on new research and never-before-seen documentation, answers the question of who deserves the credit.

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History · Nonfiction

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