Oct 11, 2017

Burning Garbo by Robert Eversz

Burning Garbo by Robert Eversz

Burning Garbo: A Nina Zero Novel (Nina Zero #3)
by Robert Eversz ePUB

On the morning of her thirtieth birthday, ex-con-turned-paparazza Nina Zero scales the Malibu hillside above the estate of a reclusive film star who hasn’t been seen in a decade. Within the next few hours, a mysterious gunman shoots her, a deadly brushfire almost smokes her, an arson investigator accuses her, and a toothless Rottweiler adopts her as his new best friend.
Accompanied by the toothless Rott, Zero goes on the hunt, compelled to prove that someone else set fire to the star’s estate to keep the cops from jailing her for arson and — when charred bones are discovered in the ashes — murder. The killers are equally interested in finding her, and their desperation escalates to a bone-chilling series of violent encounters in which Nina plays hunter one moment and prey the next.

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