Oct 11, 2017

Call Each River Jordan by Owen Parry

Call Each River Jordan by Owen Parry

Call Each River Jordan (Abel Jones #3) by Owen Parry EPUB

Union Major Abel Jones, Welsh immigrant and veteran of Britain’s distant wars, survives the battle’s slaughter only to face the riddle of a different kind of massacre. Far from the cries and smoke of combat, forty murdered slaves hang at a crossroads. Their blood may be on Northern as well as Southern hands, with devastating political repercussions. Though few are concerned over the lost lives, one man insists on justice — a plain-speaking officer with a Welsh lilt, a limp, and his own troubled conscience. But the chain of death soon proves as brutal and consuming as the war itself, dragging Major Jones into a dark world of midnight savagery, ritual murder, and sudden combat, as desperate men and women struggle to survive the fury of a divided nation.

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