Nov 15, 2016

Churchill on the Far East in the Second World War: Hiding the History of the ‘Special Relationship’ by Cat Wilson

churchill-on-the-far-eastin-the-second-world-warChurchill’s portrayal of the war the British Empire fought against Japan, as set out in his six-volume memoir entitled The Second World War, was so successful that the boundaries and limitations which he placed on the historical narrative of the war in the Far East are, to some extent, still discernible today.

Drawn from extensive archival research, this superbly written and highly engaging work examines Churchill’s depiction of the advent of war with Japan; the fall of Hong Kong, Malaya, and Singapore; the series of crises in India between 1942 and 1943; and the Indian Army, and their role in the reconquest of Burma.

Concluding with a survey of the length to which Churchill went to protect his narrative, this work highlights how Churchill mythologised wartime Anglo-American relations in his memoirs in order to foster a united post-war ‘special relationship’.

In brief, this book asks what, if anything, did Churchill hide behind history?

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