Nov 27, 2017

Clara at the Edge by Maryl Jo Fox

Clara at the Edge by Maryl Jo Fox

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Eccentric widow Clara Breckenridge, seventy-three, is on a last-ditch journey to 1) reconcile with her estranged son, 2) confront the guilty secrets tied to her daughter’s death, 3) and maybe find love again before she dies miserable and alone. Magic purple wasps saved her as a child from an abusive father, and they want to help her now–but Clara, scared and stubborn, resists their efforts. When her beloved old house gets slated for destruction, Clara insists her son haul the entire structure from Eugene, Oregon to Jackpot, Nevada. Once there, she encounters troubled young people abandoned by their parents who turn her life upside down. Still, she resists confronting her past. Can Clara’s purple wasp companion–a rowdy spirit guide “fresh from Vegas or hell”–help Clara join life again? Or will time run out and leave her devastated and alone?

Advance praise for Clara at the Edge

“Clara is a fascinating, feisty character….The writing is haunting and lyrical, and frequently ripples with humor and heart….Clara truly is at the edge of something greater than herself….[and her] story unspools in a compelling and engaging way.”—FOREWORD REVIEWS

“Fox’s writing says yes to every surreal and absurd possibility life offers.”—BOOKLIST

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