Oct 9, 2017

Clincher (DS Fight Club #6) by Josie Kerr

Clincher (DS Fight Club #6) by Josie Kerr

Clincher (DS Fight Club #6) by Josie Kerr EPUB

The Pressure Fighter
Five years ago, Bridget Doherty walked away from a promising MMA career in order to salvage her failing marriage. Now, newly divorced, Bridget is training again with hopes that a new gym in a new city will reignite her passion–both personally and professionally.

The Former Chef
Ever since his heart attack, Nolan Harper is playing it safe–afraid to really start living again. Turning in his high stress restaurant career for a desk job drains the zest right out of him.

Southie meets Southerner
When Bridget steps in as Nolan’s personal trainer, the fast-talking girl fighter from Southie intrigues the gentle Southern giant. These opposites definitely attract. But will Bridget and Nolan’s pasts smother the fire that burns between them?

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