Oct 13, 2017

Collision Course by Alvin Moscow

Collision Course by Alvin Moscow

Collision Course: The Classic Story of the Collision of the Andrea Doria & the Stockholm
by Alvin Moscow ePUB

“Alvin Moscow’s splendid book tells the full story . . . skillfully marshalling his facts, the author shifts back and forth between the two liners during those last eventful minutes before the collision.”
-The New York Times Book Review
In 1956, two passenger ships-the MS Stockholm and the SS Andrea Doria-equipped with every known safety device, collided off Long Island. The Stockholm was able to make way under her own steam, but the beautiful Andrea Doria, pride of the Italian Line, slipped into the depths of the North Atlantic shortly after. Half a century later, the mystery of their convergence continues to fascinate readers and experts alike, right down to the myth of hidden treasures worth millions awaiting discovery deep in the Andrea Doria’s decaying hull.
In Collision Course, author Alvin Moscow vividly re-creates the horror and the magnitude of the catastrophe for the passengers and crews of both ships with such compelling realism that the reader relives the terror and confusion. The collision itself still baffles experts and laymen alike by its enormity and utter improbability: that the two enormous ships, sailing in opposite directions on a calm sea, could converge at the same time and the same place. Moscow attended the four-month hearings that sought to find the causes of the disaster, and reviewed all available testimony and exhibits to discover what actually happened that fateful night. It is a tale of speed and human fallibility, and a must-read for any maritime history buff.

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