Oct 2, 2017

Deepwood by C.K. Brooke

Deepwood by C.K. Brooke

Deepwood: A Haunting
by C.K. Brooke

This is a 12,000-word novelette.

Cecily Weber’s marriage is fading when she and her husband, Horst, move into the small house at 27 Deepwood. It isn’t long before Cecily begins to experience strange occurrences in their new home – occurrences that never seem to affect Horst, and only widen the rift between them.

When Cecily meets Howard, a neighbor and longtime resident of Deepwood, she knows he has secrets, but doesn’t realize how deep they run. Howard suggests she leave the house, even if it means leaving her husband behind. But Cecily wants answers. Might the haunting at Deepwood break – or remake – her marriage?

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