Oct 12, 2017

Façade: A Billionaire Single Dad Romance by J.J. Bella

Façade: A Billionaire Single Dad Romance by J.J. Bella

Façade: A Billionaire Single Dad Romance by J.J. Bella EPUB

He had what I needed. I had what he wanted. If everything fits so well, why does it feel so wrong?

Molly’s a stunning, raven-haired Utah native with a flair for interior design. The only thing she’s lacking? Interview skills. When she can’t land a job in the rough, glittering San Francisco Bay Area, she falls back on her experience as a nanny to get by. She only wishes it was as easy to find a real job as it was to nab a babysitting gig.

There was immediately something different about Peter Randall though. He’s eccentric, and wealthier than anyone she had ever worked for before. Plus, he works in the interior design world.

Molly knew something different was up. A romantic and utterly exclusive restaurant is no place to interview for a nanny position – that is until he dropped the real nature of the job.

Love? No… he’s sworn that off for good.

Sex? Well… he wouldn’t know how to say no to a young and beautiful woman like Molly, but that’s not really what he’s after.

Marriage!?… she might just be desperate enough to say yes.

It’s not like it’s for real. Where’s the harm in a little marriage of convenience when both of their professional lives stand to gain something?

It’s not like that touch was real.

It’s not like that kiss was real.

It’s not like that night…well there was definitely something real about that. At least to Molly it was, but he’s not so easy to read.

Warning: “Façade: A Billionaire Single Dad Romance” contains adult language and situations. It is intended for an adult audience. A happy ending is guaranteed and there are no cliffhangers. Enjoy!

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