Oct 12, 2017

Girl Goes To Wudang by Jacques Antoine

Girl Goes To Wudang by Jacques Antoine

Girl Goes To Wudang (The Emily Kane Adventures #7) by Jacques Antoine EPUB

With Li Li in tow, Emily seeks something new at the mountain temple complex in Wudangshan that gave birth to the Daoist martial arts, but surviving the trip may require more of her old skills.

A plum assignment to the Defense Attaché’s office in Beijing ought to signal the beginning of easier times for Emily Kane, but dangers remain. The tensions within China that resulted in a failed coup have yet to subside, and when an acquaintance in the Chinese intelligence service asks a favor, both their lives may be on the line. Li Li Tang longs to be reunited with her uncle, but if Emily is caught bringing her over, he will appear to be a traitor, and she’ll be branded a spy.

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