Oct 11, 2017

GIVE IN by Naomi West

GIVE IN by Naomi West

GIVE IN: God’s Hellfire MC
by Naomi West ePUB

Give in, angel. You belong to me now.

She’s a hellcat running dirty on sin and rage.
I’m a bad man with enough skeletons in my closet to fill a graveyard.
It’s a match made in heaven.
But this filthy romance can only end one way:
With my name on her lips and my hands around her throat.

She knew it as soon as she saw me:
I’m not the type of man who gives up control.
When you’re in my world, you belong to me…
And this sexy little working girl was no exception.

She’s got ice in her veins and fire in her eyes.
Not to mention the schemes running rampant through her brain.
She thinks she can use me.
Hurt me.
Make me plead.

But all those pretty little revenge fantasies can go to hell.
I want one thing from her, and one thing only:
Total f**king submission.

She can try to resist.
But in the end, I always get what I want.

GIVE IN is a full-length, standalone bad boy baby heist romance. This exclusive new novel comes with additional bonus content so you never have to stop reading. All sexual situations feature characters who are 18+ and consenting. Enjoy!

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