Oct 2, 2017

Hidden Goddess by Marina Finlayson

Hidden Goddess by Marina Finlayson

Hidden Goddess (Shadows of the Immortals #4)
by Marina Finlayson

Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire. Jake, the man of Lexi’s dreams, is trapped in the underworld. Only Hades can free him, but Hades is missing, presumably a captive of the shadow shapers. Lexi wants nothing more than to free both of them, but the shadow shapers have hidden their tracks well. She has no idea where to start looking for the missing Lord of the Underworld until a visit to Death himself reveals vital information.

Finally Lexi has a target, but this will be no ordinary rescue mission. In a faraway city, she must face the shadow shapers on their home turf. She is the only hope for Jake and Hades, but there are too many gaping holes in her memory, too many things she doesn’t know. And some of them are about to come back to bite her big time.

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