Nov 14, 2017

Just In Time by Joan Lindstedt Jackson (ePUB)

Just In Time by Joan Lindstedt Jackson (ePUB)

Just In Time: A Novel
by Joan Lindstedt Jackson ePUB

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For most of his adult life, the only place he felt at peace was at home in Silver Lake, Ohio with his parents—but after their sudden death, he is left on his own. Eager to help their brother, Steve’s siblings, Scott and Sylvia, who both live in Los Angeles, scramble to find someone reliable to live with Steve. The answer to their problem comes in the form of Sylvia’s sister-in-law, Nancy, who is desperate to find a place to live; within days, she moves in with Steve.

This is the story of Steve and Nancy, who, as virtual strangers thrown together out of necessity, forge a way to live in fragile harmony. Sometimes dark, sometimes humorous, Just in Time is a hopeful, firsthand account of the day-to-day roller coaster of life with a schizophrenic.

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