Sep 27, 2017

Mason Black by Adam Nicholls

Mason Black by Adam Nicholls

Mason Black (The Complete Collection): 6 Gripping Crime Stories: The Complete Collection + BONUS Story
by Adam Nicholls

Introducing Private Investigator Mason Black, this box set includes six heart-pounding crime thrillers that grab the reader from the outset. Detailing the high-octane hunt for six sadistic serial killers, this complete pack includes: Hush, Lady Luck, Ruin, Buried, Blood Sport, and the bonus story featuring Mason’s sister: Black Out.

“Mason Black is a uniquely likeable character, and these books had me hooked from page one.” – Liz Foster

“Fast, punchy and dark. I love it!” – Michael Jenkins

Hush (Book 1):
Two years ago, Mason Black was a detective, a husband, and a father… until obsession with a killer drove him further from his family. That life was left behind, until today. Now a part-time PI, a familiar string of murders is pulling him back into the cycle. Mason must choose between bringing the killer to justice or remaining a humble family man. With his marriage on the line, the police seek his knowledge of the unsolved case, to help identify and track down the psychopath. But now he’s too close to the Lullaby Killer, who is driven to have a little fun… at Mason’s expense.

Lady Luck (Book 2):
It’s been a year since he last saw a murder spree, but now there’s a new killer in town… Mason Black is just settling into his new life as a part-time PI, when a body is delivered to the SFPD. With his name carved into the body’s torso, a psychotic motive begins to unravel. People keep turning up dead, each with a new message. The ruthless killer – who goes by the name of Lady Luck – seems all but determined to pin it on Mason, and see to it personally that he suffers. Time runs short, and Mason must find this psychopath and discover why he was chosen. Because if he can’t bring her to Justice, he will have no choice but to take the fall for her crimes…

Ruin (Book 3):
Most killers have a motive. Not this guy. Now living a balanced life, Mason Black – a private investigator with a troubled past – finally has time for the people he loves. For the first time in years, everything is going well. Until he meets Chris Healy. Three women have gone missing, and Mason is hired to find them. But when one of their severed heads is found with a message, Mason discovers that the two remaining girls are being held by a man known as Anarchy. Anarchy – the newest killer in town – soon grows bored of the girls and seeks a deeper challenge, setting Mason in his crosshairs. It seems he will stop at nothing, as he forces the PI into playing his twisted game.

Buried (Book 4):
When fiction becomes reality, you need to watch your back. Returning to the San Francisco Police Department, Mason black has his hands full with a new kind of serial killer. Bodies are being discovered in the style of a popular book series, and only Drew Ackerman – the author of the novels – can assist in the killer’s capture. But Mason is otherwise occupied. With a baby on the way, and his girlfriend making him choose between his career and the child, his morals become clouded. He realises a sad truth… sometimes, doing the right thing comes at a cost.

Blood Sport (Book 5):
It’s not about justice… It’s all about revenge. Mason Black is leaving the police force to be with his family. The future – a prospect of self-employment and rich family life – looks promising… if only for a second. When a familiar killer known as Anarchy returns, Mason’s girlfriend is struck down. On a bloody path of raw hatred and vengeance, Mason embarks on one last hunt. The trail was lost in Los Angeles, where a tough-as-nails cop is hell-bent on taking the killer down herself.

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