Oct 5, 2017

Memories of Me by Dani Hart

Memories of Me by Dani Hart

Memories of Me
by Dani Hart ePUB

*Inspired by true events*
(Characters are a work of fiction)

When you close your eyes and open them again you expect to see the world as it was a fraction of a second ago. Maybe a slight change from a passing breeze, but you are still in the same place, unmoving and unchanged. You don’t expect to be somewhere else where the faces are unfamiliar. Where you are unfamiliar.

With one blink I had no family, no home, no name, and no past. I was alone, until I met the Reilly brothers. They gave me purpose again. A reason to trust. A reason to love. A reason to rebuild a life full of forgotten memories. Together, they would try to rewrite my history.

~ Author Note ~
This was previously published under the title Forgotten Treasures. Completely rewritten and redesigned.

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