Oct 16, 2017

Montana Unbranded by Nadia Nichols

Montana Unbranded by Nadia Nichols

Montana Unbranded (Home on the Ranch) by Nadia Nichols EPUB

Big-city cop rides the Wild West Tracking down another criminal is not how DEA special agent Joe Ferguson expected to spend his enforced vacation while recovering from an injury. But someone is harming the wild horses of Montana, and attorney Dani Jardine is desperate to stop the culprit. Joe admires Dani’s passion for the beautiful, free-spirited mustangs, so he steps up to help her. While working together, Joe and Dani become closer, and their attraction grows strongeruntil danger from his past threatens people they both love. Joe believes the sooner he returns to Providence, Rhode Island, the better. Because some things are meant to stay free

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