Jan 31, 2017

Not a Chance: God, Science, and the Revolt Against Reason by R.C. Sproul

As technology allows a better view of the universe, R. C. Sproul asks an important question: Can chance be responsible for all that is?

In a lively dialogue with modern thinkers from Einstein and Hume to Niels Bohr and Carl Sagan, Not a Chance consults the laws of logic, linguistic and scientific theory, and mathematical understanding to probe the cause-effect relationship.

Now in paperback, it is the only book-length critique of chance causation written by an evangelical.

Sproul shows that the origin of the universe and humankind cannot be explained as a result of chance, and that chance can coexist neither with God nor with the natural sciences.

Readers interested in cultural apologetics and in the Bible and science, and anyone seeking a rational defense of creation, will be intrigued by this book. Twenty-five illustrations are included to aid the readers understanding.

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