Oct 13, 2017

Obsession by Elspeth Sandys

Obsession by Elspeth Sandys

Obsession by Elspeth Sandys EPUB

A literary mystery tale, the story of an obsessive love affair, from award-winning writer Elspeth Sandys

Two men and a woman: the woman obsessed with her husband; the husband obsessed with his island home and the country whose stories he has made it his mission to tell; the man obsessed with the couple whose dynamic both fascinates and repels him. Against a background of two decades of social upheaval, this bitter-sweet tale of tangled relationships moves towards its dramatic, unpredictable conclusion.

The two people at the heart of the story are writers. The third person in the triangle is a celebrated poet of Dalmatian extraction.
It recreates the era in an atmosphere charged with New Zealand’s 1980s culture, set in an imaginary island where the dense bush forms a metaphor for the difficulties of a struggling writer striving to raise her head above the dominating reputation of her lover.

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