Nov 9, 2017

One Thousand Monsters by Kim Newman (ePUB)

One Thousand Monsters by Kim Newman (ePUB)

One Thousand Monsters (Anno Dracula #5)
by Kim Newman ePUB

“There are no vampires in Japan. That is the position of the Emperor. The Emperor is wrong…”

Japan, 1899. A party of vampires – exiled from Britain by Prince Dracula – seeks refuge in Tokyo and are confined to Yokai Town, a ghetto where the Meiji Emperor keeps the country’s vampires – bizarre creatures as different from European nosferatu as they are from living humans. Dr Geneviève Dieudonné, Kostaki, a soldier, Daniel Dravot, a spy, and Christina Light, a revolutionary princess, try to survive in Yokai Town as forces within and outside its walls threaten to destroy the newcomers and the long-time residents. What secret lies under the Temple of One Thousand Monsters?

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