Jan 21, 2017

Premeditated Murder by Ed Gaffney

In a New England courtroom, two young defense lawyers face a trial they cannot win. For attorneys Zack Wilson and Terry Tallach, partners and best friends, it seems an open-and-shut case.

Their client confessed to a horrific multiple homicide–and Zack and Terry have only one hope: to spare him from the death penalty. But even that is a long shot…until the case takes a sudden, strange turn.

The two lawyers may have stumbled on a loophole: their client had a secret motive for his indefensible act–a motive that might even free him if Zack and Terry can pull off an ingenious defense.

But as the media descend on a quiet Massachusetts town, and as Zack and Terry fight to save their client’s life, a surprise witness turns the trial into something no one could have predicted.

Because only he can put all the pieces of an astounding puzzle together–and expose a conspiracy that is more shocking, far-reaching, and treacherous than anyone could guess.

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Fiction & Literature · Thrillers

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