Oct 12, 2017

Rich and Mad by William Nicholson

Rich and Mad by William Nicholson

Rich and Mad
by William Nicholson ePUB

Maddy is a sixteen-year-old who likes
a boy in her theater club.

Joe is cute and popular and, incredibly,
sending signals that he likes her back.
Or does he? Isn’t Joe going out with Gemma?

Rich has a crush on Grace, and he even sends a letter
of recommendation from the pope to get
her to pay attention to him. But Grace
doesn’t appreciate that tactic. . . .

The problem is, in life’s messy
mixed signals of friends and lies
and sex and status, true love can
be hard to find. And the real thing
doesn’t always come in the most obvious
package, either. Is it possible that the person
you never thought of that way is the one
who will ultimately touch your

This compelling exploration of feelings,
expectations, and attraction offers a
contemporary and candid look at love
and sexuality while moving readers with
its gentle portrayal of a very special first

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