Oct 16, 2017

Rogue Memory by Tiffany Frost

Rogue Memory by Tiffany Frost

Rogue Memory
by Tiffany Frost ePUB

“I was made in a lab. An experiment in human genetic engineering. They were trying to make us into spies. Mind readers… but something went wrong.”
When the genetic experiments start developing schizophrenic like symptoms, Stephanie knows it’s the beginning of the end for her and her siblings.
Getting away from the corporation who created her and finding Sanctuary seems like the only option but with her sister locked away for testing and a voice starting in her own head, how will Stephanie make it there alive?
As she struggles to hold on to her own sanity, Stephanie is faced with figuring out the impossible. In a world where her thoughts are not her own, how will she ever know who to trust or what to believe?

Attention: This book contains mature themes not reccommended for readers under the age of 16.

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