Sep 25, 2017

Snotty Saves the Day by Tod Davies

Snotty Saves the Day by Tod Davies

Snotty Saves the Day (The History of Arcadia #1)
by Tod Davies, Gary Zaboly (Illustrator)

A book arrives by Owl, left under an old fir tree in the snow. With it, a mysterious message: another world’s scientists have discovered the laws of the universe are found in—fairy tales. Is it true?

Snotty—the unlikely hero of this tale—is a streetwise adolescent mastermind transported to a mystical realm where the fate of the world rests on discovering who he really is. As Snotty’s perceptions of might and right are upended, the scholarly footnotes point toward a deeper truth—that in the endless fight against evil, the toughest warriors come from the most despised group of all: the smallest, the poorest, the funniest, the snottiest.

A fantastic adventure story, smart political allegory, and philosophical treatise, this is a book to be savored by adults of all ages.

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