Sep 26, 2017

Society Girls: Harlow by Crystal Perkins

Society Girls: Harlow by Crystal Perkins

The dancer who’s not ashamed of her past, falls for the artist who wants her future.

Harlow danced her way through college, trading the pole for the Society when she graduated. She expected her life to be in danger when she vowed to protect her cousin, but she didn’t know the shy artist who used to watch her dance would be threatened as well. When they’re forced to go into hiding together, more than just sparks fly between them as their friendship grows.
Bodhi secretly painted Harlow, and turned her into the heroine of the most popular video game in the world, never thinking he’d have a chance with her in real life. He’s always loved her, but his fears, and his family’s demands, may be too much for them both to overcome.

Can they learn trust each other, or will the song end before the first dance?

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