Oct 9, 2017

Splitting the Defense by Amber Lynn

Splitting the Defense by Amber Lynn

Splitting the Defense by Amber Lynn EPUB

Toby Matthews knows somewhere deep down that his hockey career is over, but he’s reluctant to admit it. Rather than announce his retirement, he’s decided to buy a cabin in the mountains to try to shake his concussion symptoms so he can think clearly about the decision. He’s hoping the isolation and tranquility of the remote cabin will offer some perspective on life he can’t find back in the city.

What he didn’t expect to find up in the Adirondacks was Meredith. With a baby on the way and a rambunctious five-year-old to look after, Meredith doesn’t have time to worry about her new neighbor. When near disaster strikes Meredith and the baby, Toby steps up to the plate to make sure the single mom isn’t battling the world on her own.

Neither one of them are looking for partners in life, but there’s a good chance they are exactly what each other needs.

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