Oct 13, 2017

Star Brigade: Ascendant by C.C. Ekeke

Star Brigade: Ascendant by C.C. Ekeke

Star Brigade: Ascendant (SB4) by C.C. Ekeke EPUB

Star Brigade CT-1 stands triumphant over the rogue Ghebrekh tribe. Yet their victory came at a huge cost. Two teammates, including Habraum Nwosu, vanished during the battle, their current whereabouts unknown. Even worse, the Ghebrekh’s high chief Ghuj’aega escapes custody.

The tribal leader resumes his plan to merge with the mysterious Zenith Point, which will elevate his formidable powers to terrifying new heights.

As the rest of Star Brigade CT-1 searches for their missing teammates, the arrival of a new player throws everything into question, including Ghuj’aega’s true endgame.

Back at Star Brigade’s HQ, Samantha D’Urso fights to salvage CT-2’s botched mission against the Children of Earth. And despite the captain’s outward stubbornness, she longs for the guidance of former field commander Habraum Nwosu. Meanwhile, the Children of Earth retaliate against Star Brigade in merciless fashion. Can D’Urso thwart their counterstrike before these human supremacists land a fatal blow?

Star Brigade: Ascendant is the fourth book in the Star Brigade science fiction series. If Star Brigade: Supremacy left you on the edge of your seat, then Star Brigade: Ascendant will blast you into deep space. This novel is a surefire addition to your military sci-fi library.

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