Oct 26, 2017

Stolen Kisses by Julie Kenner (ePUB)

Stolen Kisses by Julie Kenner (ePUB)

Stolen Kisses by Julie Kenner ePUB

Melissa Tanner is just your average, everyday cat burglar, desperately trying to walk the straight and narrow path. So wouldn’t it figure that on the night she’s trying to return some jewelry, she’d find herself caught up in the arms of gorgeous Kyle Radley? The situation could have had some interesting possibilities—if Kyle hadn’t been an ex-cop! Right or wrong, Kyle can’t help wanting Mel… and he has a feeling the sexy felon has a weakness for him, too. But Mel says she’s pulled her last heist and wants nothing to do with a man who will always see her as a criminal. Still, Kyle is determined. He’s going to catch his thief—and then spend his days convincing her that a life sentence is a very good thing…

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