Sep 14, 2017

Tether War by Kenny Soward

Tether War by Kenny Soward (Galefire III)
English | 2017 | Science Fiction | EPUB | 410 KB

Witches, demon princes, and holy rollers make unlikely allies. Let the Tether War begin!
After joining forces to defeat a gang of monsters, Bess and Lonnie leave things at a tentative truce. But Lonnie isn’t handling life after “victory” very well. He has the 8th Street Gang heading down a path of dangerous self-destruction that will get them all killed if they don’t find some focus.
Torri Dowe is a witch from the old world who has faced down many demons in her long life. Now, an old enemy has returned to wipe out Torri’s coven once and for all.
Azarah Bet-Ohman is this enemy, a true and ancient evil. Head of Turu Corp and now poised to win the most powerful political office in the world, Azarah will stop at nothing to see Earth’s citizens grovel at her feet. She’s been planning this for years, gathering her forces around her and dividing her foes.
The forces of good can no longer grudgingly take sides. They must throw themselves wholly together as unconventional allies to fight an unconventional war. A war of witchcraft, monsters, and firepower.
They must become a single fighting force.
They meet in a remote forest in the Kentucky hills where the battle lines are drawn and unlikely alliances are made. Lonnie must win back his confidence if he’s going to lead Hell’s outcasts. Torri Dowe must rekindle her stagnant power. Bess Winters must unite them all with her holy kill team.
They must attack Azarah on two fronts. On Earth, and in Hell!

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