Dec 30, 2018

The Complete Book Of Self Sufficiency by John Seymour

The Complete Book Of Self Sufficiency by John Seymour 


The only book that teaches all the skills necessary to live independently and in harmony with the land, from harnessing natural forms of energy to raising crops and keeping livestock to basketry, carpentry, and much more.

Author John Seymour, father of the back-to-basics movement, shares his singular vision to transform lives and create communities.

More relevant than ever in our hi-tech world, The Complete Book Of Self Sufficiency is the ultimate practical guide for raising crops, living off the grid, keeping livestock and much more.

John Seymour (12 June 1914 – 14 September 2004) was a prolific early author in the self-sufficiency movement.

He had multiple roles as a writer, broadcaster, environmentalist, agrarian, smallholder and activist; a rebel against: consumerism, industrialisation, genetically modified organisms, cities, motor cars; an advocate for:

self-reliance, personal responsibility, self-sufficiency, conviviality (food, drink, dancing and singing), gardening, caring for the Earth and for the soil.

First published in 1976, this book calls readers to respect the earth, reap the harvest, waste nothing, eat healthy and live well.

The Complete Book Of Self Sufficiency is Packed with comprehensive information on practical details,

as well as information on how to create small to very large organic gardens and harness natural energy.


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