Sep 27, 2017

The Harper’s Island Duet by Zane Morrow

The Harper’s Island Duet by Zane Morrow

The Harper’s Island Duet (Harper’s Island #1 & 2)
by Zane Morrow

One week to marry off her best friend. One chance to change the best man’s mind.

Ever since her father died in the Persian Gulf, Grace has been spending her summers at Camp Hope. She began as a camper in need of help and healing. Now she’s the director who gives back and is there for a new generation of campers. As she leaves to perform her duties as maid of honor at her best friend’s wedding, she receives devastating news: Blake Morgan plans to close the camp at the end of the season.

The prospect of saving Camp Hope seems dismal at best, then she remembers: Blake Morgan will be at the wedding. After all, he’s the best man.

One garter. One guilty conscience. One vengeful mother of the groom.

For years, Blake Morgan has kept a secret with the potential to destroy his family. To protect it, he has kept everyone at bay. It was a good plan, until the Queen of Harper’s Island decided he has to marry the princess. Soon he’s competing for a life he never knew he wanted with his mortal enemy.

Throw in one bottle of scotch, mix with a wildly uncomfortable situation, and suddenly there’s a cocktail for disaster.

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