Sep 29, 2017

The Marquis’ Kiss by Regina Scott

The Marquis’ Kiss by Regina Scott

A Paragon With A Secret
Thomas, the decorous Marquis de Guis, is considered the catch of the season. Only he knows that two of his brides-to-be have cried off when he sealed the bargain with a kiss. Now, bent on marriage but certain he can never conquer a lady’s lips, this all-too-proper paragon has chosen a miss he’s sure cannot reject him-improverished, eccentric Margaret Munroe. But the lord will find there’s more to learn along the road to love and matrimony than the perfect kiss.

A Hoyden With Nothing To Hide

They don’t call her an Original for nothing. Lovely, lively Margaret flouts convention by racing her horses and working ceaselessly to help fallen women. She cannot believee the rich and reserved Thomas-whose sea blue eyes dizzy her with desire-truly cares for her. Yet he seems quite besotted…except for a steadfast refusal to kiss her. How can she entice him into the impassioned love she hopes-nay, intends!-to be theirs for eternity?

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