Oct 12, 2017

The Missing Ones by Stephen Kelik

The Missing Ones by Stephen Kelik

The Missing Ones by Stephen Kelik EPUB

Life in Ulead, a post-apocalyptic dystopian city built on the remains of the rubble after the big devastation, has been the same as long as Sirius can think. He grew up in this world of survivors that has clear hierarchies. The Skyborn rule Ulead, the Earthborn are barely making a living. Every year during the Harvest, 100 Earthborn Teenagers are selected to be sacrificed to serve the spirits of the Skyborn. It is a great honor for Earthborn families, but Sirius finds it senseless. Ever since he had lost his older brother in this ritual a few years back, he has his doubts what good these sacrifices do. Aren’t the Skyborn just using Earthborn organs of the Harvested to extend their lifes?

When Sirius’ sister Kora is unexpectedly selected to become a Harvested, Sirius cannot take it anymore. He openly rebels against the regime, pledging to free his sister from her fate of death. This is seen as blasphemy and triggers decisive repressive measures by the Skyborn regime. After an incarceration and flight to the underground, he meets the Missing Ones, a group of rebels that operates out of the catacombs of Ulead. The Missing Ones are fighting under the able leadership of Tyna, an underground warrior girl. They join forces to fight the regime. But the Skyborn are strong and have all odds in their favor, forcing the Missing Ones to flee Ulead into the open desert. Will they survive this journey? Ans will Kora get saved against her will?

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