Jul 11, 2016

The Night Train at Deoli and Other Stories by Ruskin Bond

The Night Train at Deoli and Other Stories - Ruskin BondThe best of a lifetime of stories from a short story writer of rare distinction. Ruskin Bond’s stories are predominantly set in the beautiful hill country of Garhwal where he has made his home for the last twenty-five years. Some of these stories present people who, consciously or otherwise, need each other:

people in love or in need of love, the awkward adolescent and the timid lover. Some are gently satirical studies about village and small-town braggarts and petty officials.

Several others mourn the gradual erosion of the beauty of the hills (and the gentle people who live in them) with the coming of the steel and dust and worries of modern civilization.

All the stories are rewarding for their compassionate portrayal of love, loss, accomplishment, pain and struggle.

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