Oct 12, 2017

The Prince’s Pea by Caroline Lee

The Prince’s Pea by Caroline Lee

The Prince’s Pea (Everland Ever After #9) by Caroline Lee EPUB

This prince’s Pea won’t fit under the mattress…but the truth will!

Micah grew up in the Zapato orphanage, and is proud to take over Abuelo Zapato’s role of providing for the family–the children that have become his siblings–in Everland’s leather-goods shop. Since being scarred in one of his brother-in-law’s gunfights, he knows those kids are the only family he’ll ever have. And he’s at peace with that…until fate–or the Guild of Godmothers–drops two unexpected females in his path.

When his old childhood friend Penelope–Pea–shows up just in time to save him from a gruesome death, Micah is smitten. And when he sees her cuddling the new baby orphan, he’s in love.

But Pea isn’t in Everland on a whim; she’s there on a mission regarding Micah’s past, and refuses to tell him the truth. That secret is going to tear them apart, unless they get some help from a particularly dopey Godmother.

And that’s when everything goes wrong…

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