Sep 29, 2015

The Ten Paradoxes: The Science of Where’s My Zen?

The Ten Paradoxes The Science of Where's My ZenThe Ten Paradoxes is a landmark journey that combines a unique five-part educational system for understanding the essence of true mindfulness. Mindfulness has been clinically proven by top university and medical centers, it actually changes neural pathways to restructure and improve awareness, enabling you to do better and feel better in every aspect of your life.

The Ten Paradoxes through extensive research and case studies leads you on a journey to the secrets of mindfulness. First, it reveals the basic functions and mechanisms of the mind, beginning with the way you filter and interpret your perceptions, which then limits and restricts your actions and reactions. Finally, you will see how the mind defensively creates the self the ego, or personality.

The practice of mindfulness will actually un-train your thinking by changing the very structure of the mind. You will respond to a new, open set of categories ultimately learning to act by doing and not just trying.

And you can truly be in control of your destiny, decisions, and responses, without the troublesome emotions you normally face, such as fear, worry, anxiety, prejudice, and greed. Mindfulness not only brings freedom from your automatic actions, reactions, and perceptions, but the ability to make maximum use of your inner potential.

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