Oct 10, 2017

Tregunna by Carla Vermaat

Tregunna by Carla Vermaat

Tregunna by Carla Vermaat EPUB

In a farmhouse on the Camel estuary in Cornwall, a 5-year old girl finds her parents brutally murdered.

Fifteen years later the house is deserted and the killing still remains a mystery.

Then the body of a 50-year old woman is found on a cliff edge in Newquay. DI Andy Tregunna is faced with the task of leading the investigation, but soon personal matters force him to step back.

On compassionate leave and with little else to do than fight his own demons the unsolved case becomes more and more an obsession to him. As he is drawn deeper into a dark world of secrets, lies and revenge, his private investigation collides with his personal life.

The truth is even more sinister than can be imagined…

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