Oct 24, 2017

Try to Remember by Iris Gómez (ePUB)

Try to Remember by Iris Gómez (ePUB)

Try to Remember by Iris Gómez ePUB

If she tries, Gabriela can almost remember when her father went off to work . . . when her mother wasn’t struggling to undo the damage he caused . . . when a short temper didn’t lead to physical violence. But Gabi cannot live in the past, not when one more outburst could jeopardize her family’s future. So she trades the life of a normal Miami teenager for a career of carefully managing her father’s delusions and guarding her mother’s secrets. As Gabi navigates her family’s twisting path of lies and revelations, relationships and loss, she finds moments of happiness in unexpected places. Ultimately Gabi must discover the strength she needs to choose what’s right for her: serving her parents or a future of her own.

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