Oct 23, 2017

Voice Lessons by Cara Mentzel (ePUB)

Voice Lessons by Cara Mentzel (ePUB)

Voice Lessons: A Sisters Story
by Cara Mentzel ePUB

Voice Lessons is the story of Cara and Idina – a real-life Anna and Elsa story that will be familiar to every woman with a big sister and a must-read for Idina Menzel fans.

It’s the story of one younger sister growing up in the shadow of a larger-than-life older sister – looking up to her, wondering how they were alike and how they were different and, ultimately, learning how to live her own life and speak in her own voice on her own terms. As Cara Mentzel, studied, explored, married, gave birth (twice) and eventually became an elementary school teacher, she watched her sister, Idina Menzel, from the wings and gives readers a front row seat to opening night of Rent and Wicked, a seat at the Tonys, and a place on the red carpet when her sister taught millions more to -Let It Go-. Voice Lessons is the story of sisters – sisters with pig tails, sisters with boyfriends and broken hearts, sisters as mothers and aunts, sisters as teachers and ice-queens, sisters as allies and confidantes. As Cara puts it, -My big sister is Tony-Award-Winning, Gravity-Defying, Let-It-Go-Singing Idina Menzel who has received top billing on Broadway marquees, who has performed for Barbra Streisand and President Obama, at the Super Bowl and at the Academy Awards. The world knows her as ‘Idina Menzel’, but I call her ‘Dee’.- Voice Lessons is their story.

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