Oct 17, 2017

Wahoo by B.P. Kasik (ePUB)

Wahoo by B.P. Kasik (ePUB)

by B.P. Kasik ePUB

Cara liked a lot of what she’d seen during orientation.

She’d probably never be interested in the party scene here—even on a normal non-Midsummers eve—but there was a lot to love.

She’d enjoyed the libraries, the secret lore, the architecture, the cleanliness, and the people.

She hadn’t ventured outside the bubble of the University, but she looked forward to exploring the historical sights around town in the surrounding counties. She’d always wanted to see Monticello and Montpelier. She heard there were some great nature trails through the mountains. A far cry from the pancake-flat Northern Virginia suburb where she’d been born and raised.

It was all fresh, different, and ready for her to put her mark on it. She could finally get some control of her life here. Make her own decisions.

But everything is up in the air for Cara. Her family is smothering her, her boyfriend won’t say he’s her boyfriend, she has way too many choices, and her first visit to college is turning into chaos. The police are raiding her party, her roommate and RA are making her crazy, she can’t stand how structured and rigid everything is, and—most painful of all—her eating disorder is coming back to haunt her. Cara is forced to confront hard truths and learn to trust people as she goes through the longest two days of her life.

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