Oct 5, 2017

When Fate Aligns by A.K. Koonce

When Fate Aligns by A.K. Koonce

When Fate Aligns (Mortals and Mystics #1)
by A.K. Koonce ePUB

One beautifully lethal hybrid-vampire. That’s all it took for Fallon’s structured, and mundane life to irreversibly change.

Fallon unknowingly helps the hybrid escape imprisonment and is thrown into a new life where she is now the hunted. A hidden world of cryptic creatures and alluring witches is unveiled to her, her mortal eyes seeing the mystics for the first time. What she doesn’t know is the hybrid sought out the one human he can both help and harm.

With only a Crimson Sword, a small group of friends, and a few useless mortal weapons, they find themselves closer and closer to death every day. Running from endless enemies—both man, and monster—to a destination unknown, Fallon must decide if she’ll risk her own life to save his…

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